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The grid below shows advertising offerings at, and their associated monthly costs. We offer a standard listing or self managed ad free of charge.


Monthly Cost$0.00$5.00$25.00$50.00$75.00
FreeBasicIntermediate AdvancedEnterprise 
Basic account, comes with 3 categoriesxxxxx
Self Managedxxxxx
Premium ad in 6 new sub categoriesxxxx
Managed TBD Listingsxxx
Corporate emailxxx
Web Hostingxx
Presence Managementx
Managed WordPress sitex
Premium ad per sub category after 5$3
Premium ad main cities$5
Targeted advertising by regionCall281-851-3340
Ad campaigns

Ad campaigns that are available to you are by the state, the region and by the city

Basic Listing

A basic account allows you to build personal business ads, and advertise in 3 categories for each. A category is each industry category listed under each city. A basic account is self managed. Content submitted is subject to approval.

Self Managed

A basic listing allows you to make updates to your own ads, in up to 3 categories on the site.

Premium ad

With this option we ad 6 categories, giving you a total of 9 placements per month.

Managed TBD Listings

This feature makes responsible for the maintenance of your ad campaign. Call 281-851-3340 or send an email to to start to design your ads.

Corporate email

This gives you one O365 mailbox and a domain name, with more available on demand. Access your mail, contacts, calendar and tasks on any device.

Web Hosting

Our advanced package offers web hosting. This allows you to upload your own custom site, or for a one time fee of $300 we can build you a basic site and any updates after will be per ticket.

Presence Management

What is even more important than your website is to make sure you take advantage of the other online resources that are available and to make sure your information is complete and accurate. This should also be a time to find all the keywords that describe you and what you do. With our enterprise support package we help setup and if you want, maintain the following:

Google Business Directory
Bing Places
Search engine registration


Search engine placement is a dynamic exercise. You need to evaluate on a regular basis what your target phrases are. Make a weekly challenge to find a new term that describes you and propagate it through your online brand.

Managed WordPress Site

With our enterprise package we will build you a site and host it, and will make up to 3 hours worth of design per your direction per month.

Ad Categories

We can target your ads in to all the areas in your service offering, by Texas region, city and industry on our site. All these locations are available for your ads.